Annual PRIMA Conference 2016 • 09/10 May 2016 • Vienna I Austria

After ten years of decline we are now facing a watershed moment. There is something out there that’s changing. There are reasons to be cheerful, but also reasons to be careful. We see signs of hope, but there are also clouds on the horizon. We are in for an exciting ride.
PRIMA 2016 will analyse the elements and drivers of change and deliver evidence of why the ten years to come will be very different from the past decade.

Pre-Conference Seminar
Monday 9 May, 09.00 – 12.00
ANDRITZ Smart Industrial Technologies

ANDRITZ will present showcases of process performance optimization (OPP), a concept for life-cycle management, and have a look at SMART simulation delivering sustainable training and plant operation.

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Monday 9 May, 13.00 – 17.00

Chair: Robert A Latham, Owner & Managing Director, Delphi Projects

Looking back – looking ahead


A retrospective of 2006-2016 and a prediction of 2016-2026: What happened? What were the key drivers and elements of the decline? Now, as we see seeds of growth, is the industry responding well enough or is more required? Why will the next decade be different? What are the opportunities and threats?
Ketil Gjerstad >>, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group Oslo and Head of BCG’s Forest Products, Paper & Packaging sector

Outlook for Global Economy and Financial Markets


Long-term growth perspectives for Europe, the US and the Emerging Markets
Peter Brezinschek >>
, Head of Research, Raiffeisen International


A Cellulose Based Society


Cellulose is nature’s most common building block. Innventia believes that a circular bioeconomy in the society of tomorrow will mainly be based on cellulose. Although the forest-based products are so many, cellulose is the key molecule in the processing chain. This chain includes responsible forestry and productive uses of the side streams of lignin and hemicellulose in all forms. This entirely new bio-economy revolves around the fantastic features and possibilities of cellulose. PRIMA is proud to be the first event to present major key findings of Innventia’s report which will be officially released on May 24, 2016.
Marco Lucisano >>, Director Papermaking and Packaging, Innventia

The Renaissance of Print – A look ahead to Drupa


It is stale to talk about the decline of print communication. We have experienced in the last few years a lot of reduction in excess and inefficient print. Print content however is becoming integrated in the new era with a spectrum of communications which emphasize print as a one of its highest value formats. Industrial print products like packaging which are under no virtual threat have an even larger need to become targeted forms of communication. Investment is going to be in IT-driven systems with digital presses as a component of that. Hardware value will be found in integrated manufacturing systems. We will describe to you where on the curve the digital print technology you will find at DRUPA now is.
Mark Hanley >>, President, IT Strategies.

Tuesday 10 May, 09.00 – 17.00

Chair: Ian D Murdoch, Chairman of PRIMA

Smart and Green


Working towards a sustainable future: From Industry 4.0 to circular ecomony.
Annika Hedberg >>, Senior Policy Analyst of the European Policy Centre.
Jason Ord >>, EMEA Regional Manager, Hewlett Packard Social & Environmental Responsibility
Eberhard Klotz >>, Head of Industry 4.0 campaign, FESTO Business Unit Electric Automation

The Media Ecosystem


The interaction of the final consumer with printed products and other media – behaviour across generations – the way people think and act within the media ecosystem. It is no longer ‘either-or’ but rather ‘everything’.
Prof. Richard Harper >>, scientist, academic and public researcher, co-author of the award winning book The Myth of the Paperless Office.

Meet the Screenagers


Forget everything you have learned about Millennials. Here comes Generation Z. Born between 1998 and 2008 they are the first true digital natives. Learn about their behaviour, habits and attitudes and their relation to brands and media.
Callum McGeoch >>, Executive Creative Director, Livity
Look forward to the discussion with authentic representatives of Generation Z: Anna Kiknadze (born 1999) and David Bucak Gasser (born 2000), both students of Vienna International School will share their thoughts and views with the conference audience.

Off the Beaten Track – the Industry’s Response


Conversions, closures, swing capacities – a lot has been done but there is still some unfinished business. Does entering new segments offer sound solutions or does it imply a danger for new entrants as well as established players and pave the way for new overcapacities? Gain deeper insights into corporate visions and the reasoning behind major shifts presented by top executives of renowned companies. We are proud to announce the participation of
Markku Hämäläinen >>, CEO, Kotkamills
Timo Merikallio >>, Project director, The Next-Generation Bioproduct Mill, Metsä Fibre
Intro and Moderation:
Rupert Taylor >>, Managing Director and Head of European Industrials, Royal Bank of Scotland

The Years Ahead in Numbers


The conference will be rounded up with an outlook on pulp, paper and packaging grades.
Joaquin Kritz Lara >>, Economist, Numera Analytics


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