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PRIMA (Paper and Related Industries Marketing Association) is an independent non-profit organisation that has been promoting mutual understanding throughout the entire fibre value chain – from forestry, minerals and chemicals companies through pulp and paper makers to merchants, publishers, printers, packaging producers and consumers of paper and board products – for more than four decades. The industry needs better market information, applied creatively to achieve success. PRIMA can help this process by continuing to provide its well-established network but also by acting as a catalyst to stimulate better knowledge and mutual understanding.
PRIMA provides the platform for spreading business understanding and competence and enabling first-rate networking by bringing together members of the value chain in a transparent, legal and honest way at industry and customer conferences with high repeat-attendance figures.


Annual PRIMA Conference 2016 • 9 & 10 May 2016 • Vienna I Austria

PRIMA’s 47th Annual Conference was characterised by the overall theme that the ten years ahead will be different from the past decade. We looked into what we called the proposition, what’s going on out there that leads us to form that view: A retrospective on the industry, the global economy and financial markets, the cellulose based society and the renaissance of print. We then digged much more deeply into the evidence supporting that proposition: From advances in automation, the attempt to regulate the use of recycled products to the media ecosystem, followed by a fresh and impressive input from Generation Z. We learned about strategic moves in the industry to create value and command better opportunity for return and were finally provided with a very comprehensive outlook for the different grades of paper, tissue and packaging.

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“Very informative, excellent presentations, good work!” 

“I really enjoyed the conference, in particular the networking opportunities to meet industry colleagues.”