Smithers Pira to take over management of PRIMA conference

Smithers PIRA, the worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print supply chains will be taking over the management of the annual PRIMA conference following the dissolution of the Paper and Related Industries Marketing Association (PRIMA) in December 2016.

The conference will be moving from its traditional date in May, to a new position in the paper industry events calendar of early to mid-September. The 2017 event which will be the 48th annual conference will be held in Berlin from September 6th-7th.

Carmen Schoberwalter-Joestl, the former Managing and Executive Director of PRIMA will continue to provide support to the Smithers Pira team up to and including the running of the 2017 event. Former PRIMA council members including Chairman Ian Murdoch from PWC, Emanuele Bona from Euro-Graph and Manuela Wagner from Andritz Pulp & Paper will form part of a newly assembled advisory board.

“We are taking over the management of the PRIMA conference with a great deal of respect for its long history of high quality networking and information sharing within the paper and related industries , but also with a sense of sadness that PRIMA as an association has now ceased to exist” says Stephen Hill, EU Head of Operations for Smithers Pira.“The conference and association have been expertly managed by Carmen for the last 18 years and we are delighted to have the support of her and former PRIMA council members as we work towards the 2017 event. Given our long term commitment to the print, paper and packaging industries and our reputation for producing high quality events and information products, I believe that the PRIMA conference has a natural home within the Smithers event portfolio as we look to continue the evolution of the event for a new generation of industry professionals.”


Having been involved in the affairs of PRIMA ‎for many years, both as a Council Member and as Outgoing Chairman, it comes as a great relief that a way has been found to keep the name and tradition of PRIMA going. I look forward to supporting the new venture”

Ian D. Murdoch
Forestry, Paper & Packaging Industry Group Leader
PwC Europe


Smithers Pira is the worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Established in 1930, Smithers Pira provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance.

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Annual PRIMA Conference 2016 • 9 & 10 May 2016 • Vienna I Austria

PRIMA’s 47th Annual Conference was characterised by the overall theme that the ten years ahead will be different from the past decade. We looked into what we called the proposition, what’s going on out there that leads us to form that view: A retrospective on the industry, the global economy and financial markets, the cellulose based society and the renaissance of print. We then digged much more deeply into the evidence supporting that proposition: From advances in automation, the attempt to regulate the use of recycled products to the media ecosystem, followed by a fresh and impressive input from Generation Z. We learned about strategic moves in the industry to create value and command better opportunity for return and were finally provided with a very comprehensive outlook for the different grades of paper, tissue and packaging.

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“Very informative, excellent presentations, good work!” 

“I really enjoyed the conference, in particular the networking opportunities to meet industry colleagues.”